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Term 1

The children are becoming very settled into Nursery life and getting to know the routines very well. We have seen some fabulous learning happening already. We have seen many paintings and drawings come to life, some lovely playdough faces and some excellent role play happening already! Since adding large pots and water to our mud kitchen the children have not stopped playing in here. We have seen lots of mud breakfast, mud cakes and mud pies being made.

Term 1 Sept 17 photos

WOW Porridge tasting2

We have recently started out new class story, Goldilocks and the three bears and the children have been really excited about it. For our WOW activity we tried different types of porridge. Almost all of the children have a go at trying it, even though they didn’t like it. This was a great sense of accomplishment for them! Many children thought it was the porridge with sugar in that tasted the best.
WOW Porridge tasting

Thank you to parents who have already started adding things and commenting on our observations on tapestry. It is wonderful to see what the children have been doing at home as well as hearing all your lovely comments about what the children have been doing in Nursery.