Staff Pen Portraits

Pen Portraits

The children have been drawing their teachers and teaching assistants. See their portraits and read about our staff here.

Mr Alex Pearson: Executive Principal
Mrs Amy Rogers: Principal
Mrs Sarah Gordon-Weeks: Vice Principal
Miss Annelise Gooch: Assistant Principal and Key Stage 2 Lead

        All Teaching Assistants work
across their key stage classes.
Key Stage Year Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
  Nursery Cherry   Mrs Sarah O'Neil
Mr Neil Brookes
Nursery Plum Miss Michelle Morgan
Mrs Leila Newton
Ms Alex Bond
Ms Nadine Philip
  Reception Peach Miss Alice Cavender Miss Laura Black
  Reception Pear Miss Emma Ward Miss Leah Jakeman
Key Stage 1 Year 1 Holly Miss Lucy Brown Ms Danielle Harris
  Year 1 Hazel Miss Tessa Hinman Mrs Rahela Alvarez
  Year 2 Redwood Mrs Emily Houlihan Miss Nicola Cumming
Ms Heidi Oliver
Year 2 Maple Miss Alice Rocher Mrs Sarah Shepherd
Key Stage 2 Year 3 Ash Mr Oliver Neal Mrs Rebecca Clear
  Year 3 Silver Birch Ms Zoe Whale Mrs Iolanda Moise
  Year 4 Aspen Miss Blythe Williams  
Year 4 Rowan Mr Sonny Shaw  
  Year 5 Sycamore Miss Jodie Shaw Mrs Rachel Howard
Year 5 Beech Mrs Jo Taylor Mrs Sian Brain 
Mrs Kelly Lally
Year 6 Oak Mrs Chloe Hope  
  Year 6 Chestnut Miss Carly Bunn  
SENCO, Maths Lead, CP teacher and Interventions Lead Mrs Emma Chew  
Teachers   Mrs Rachel Santon
Mrs Stephanie Kane
Higher Level Teaching Assistant     Miss Ruth Rees
Cover Supervisor, PB Teaching Assistant     Miss Louissa Lella


More information about each class is available under the Classes tab.