Junior Leaders training

Junior Leaders training58th June 2017
Dashwood Banbury Academy leaders train pupils from Harriers – an Aspiration Academy Trust school

Seven of our Junior Leaders spent a morning at Harriers Banbury Academy passing on their leadership skills.

Mia, Jayden (Year 6), Igor, Munib, Max, Caitlin and Shinade (Year 5) visited Harriers Banbury Academy and their twenty Junior Leaders. They prepared activities for the children to reflect on what it is that makes a good leader exploring the key areas of communication, responsibility, safety, organisation, knowledge, enjoyment and co-operation. 


Junior Leaders training

14th June 2017
Dashwood Banbury Academy leaders lead the way again!

Junior Leaders training instruction

Using their acquired skills from their training session last week at Harriers Banbury Academy, our Junior Leaders travelled to Northamptonshire to deliver training to Year 5 and 6 pupils at Bracken Leas Primary school.
Firstly they met with Lunchtime Supervisors and discussed ‘What makes an effective leader?’ Pupils from across the schools shared ideas before looking at available equipment.
In groups, pupils shared idea for playground games; taking it in turns to lead and listen.
During this time the Lunchtime Supervisors discussed ideas for lunchtime zones and interaction opportunities.

Junior Leaders training banner June17

Junior Leaders training banner June17

Junior Leaders training reflectionSome reflections from our pupils:

Mia: It was fun to meet new people, see new schools and I felt like a teacher because we knew lots and could share our experiences.

Shinade: I learned games from the other children we have worked with and the children were really friendly.

Munib: We learned from them and they learned from us. I was nervous because we did not know the children but I got to know them through talking and working together.

Max and Igor: We have gained confidence when talking to others.

Caitlin: I have become more confident now that I have had experiences at different schools.

Jayden:  It was great because the pupils we trained were enthusiastic. They were nice children; it was good to meet them.