BBC South Visit Dashwood

In March, the pupils in Year 5 took part in a Terrific Scientific investigation on Time.

The experiment was designed by scientists at Oxford University who wanted to find out how children’s sleeping patterns were affected by the clock change.

Year 5 and BBC filming

BBC South, news team, heard about the investigation and arrived at Dashwood to carry out their own investigations with the Year 5s.

What they discovered, from the children, was that after the clocks changed and the nights and mornings became a lot lighter, they struggled to sleep and found that they were getting less than the recommended average of 9-11 hours for 9-10 year olds. This bucked the national trend, which showed that after the clock change children seemed to be getting on average 30 minutes more sleep. When asked why this might be, Year 5 said that because it was so light they didn’t want to go to bed but play instead and found it difficult to get off to sleep, hence less hours spent sleeping.

They also admitted, however, that if they didn’t get enough sleep they were ‘cranky’ and bad-tempered in the morning and that it took them a little while to wake up and get ready for a day at school.

This might also explain the reaction tests carried out, where the children had better reaction speeds in the afternoon.

The news report is expected to air on BBC 1 South at 6.30PM, on Tuesday 13th June, 2017