Planning a Multi-skills Festival

Pupil Plan a multi-skills festival for their younger peers – 9th March 2017

Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders joined up with pupils from The Grange and Banbury Academy to plan a Year 2 multi-skills event. The morning was spent planning events that incorporated multi skills. Each group of pupils had a different event to plan, which they then had to resource.

Multi Skillls Planning
Mia (Year 6), Munib, Max, Kai, Shinade and Caitlin (Year 5) spend time with
Year 7 children from Banbury Academy planning multi-skills events

After planning was complete, the children went outside to practise setting up their activity so they would be prepared for the forth-coming multi-skills festival to be held at Banbury Academy on 23rd March 2017.

Multi Skillls PlanningSetting up a target activity of skittles using a variety of different throwing resources to test pupils’ co-ordination.

Multi Skillls Planning

A target throw game with point scoring system.

Multi Skillls Planning