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  • Celebrating the Royal Wedding

    Celebrating the Royal Wedding
    23rd May 2018

    We had an amazing day celebrating the royal wedding! Everyone looked very regal and special in their wedding outfits, crowns and tiaras. Read more

  • Coding Days

    Coding Days
    21st May 2018

    Years 1 – 6 have all taken part in Coding Days. They had great fun learning about algorithms (instructions) and how precise they need to be to make computers work. They have then gone on to look at a computer game in SCRATCH and SCRATCH JNR. Here they have worked out all the parts of the game they would have to make and what they would need to be able to do. Finally they have coded their own game. They have shown fantastic teamwork and perseverance skills and had an amazing day. Read more

  • Scaling New Heights

    Scaling New Heights
    17th May 2018

    Explorer Ricky Munday, who visited us back in November 2017, is currently making his second-attempt climb of Everest and we are hoping to make contact with him (although technology is a little indifferent up there!) via WhatsApp messaging. We wish him every success in his final push to the summit. Read more

  • Meeting the Fire Service

    Meeting the Fire Service
    11th May 2018

    Year 1 and Year 2 classes had visits from the Fire Service who came along in their big, red fire engine. Read more

  • Punctuality Clock

    Punctuality Clock
    30th April 2018

    During our attendance week we have praised pupils who arrive on time at school. They were greeted by a smiley clock who created a buzz of excitement around punctuality. The clock will be visiting all classes over the week! Well done to everyone for being on time to school! Read more