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  • STEM at Space Studio Banbury

    STEM at Space Studio Banbury
    13th September 2017

    Year 6 had a lot of fun in their first science lesson at Space Studio Banbury. The children learnt all about how to test whether a substance is an acid or alkali. Read more

  • Jared's Flower Show success

    Jared's Flower Show success
    7th September 2017

    Jared in year 6 came in with a huge array of trophies from the Banbury Flower and Produce Show, including overall winner. Read more

  • Playground Fun and Games

    Playground Fun and Games
    7th September 2017

    We enjoy break and lunchtimes at Dashwood! Read more

  • Leadership Event

    Leadership Event
    14th July 2017

    Years 1-6 planned and executed their excellent enterprise leadership event. They have learnt how to consider profit versus spending and how advertising persuades others. Each child visited a number of stalls ranging from ice lollies and fruit kebabs to playing games such as sponge the pupil and hook a duck! Well done everyone! Read more

  • Year 6 'Let Loose!'

    Year 6 'Let Loose!'
    12th July 2017

    Year 6 gave a splendid performance for their play 'Let Loose!' - a story of residential antics and midnight feasting culminating in an important lesson being learned - strong friendships and team work really do prevail. Read more