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  • A Letter from The Queen

    A Letter from The Queen
    11th January 2019

    Wow! Year 2 pupils wrote to the Queen last term as part of their history topic and a member of the Queen's royal team wrote back! Everyone was very excited in school. Read more

  • Celebration Assemblies

    Celebration Assemblies
    20th December 2018

    We have started our termly tradition of holding celebration assemblies. The pupils who earned certificates were so proud of themselves; they were very well deserved. Well done everyone for your hard work and showing motivation in your learning! Read more

  • Phenomenal Performing Arts

    Phenomenal Performing Arts
    20th December 2018

    The Performing Arts club were absolutely phenomenal. They confidently acted out a mini version of A Christmas Carol having worked very hard with our resident author Lawrence Prestidge. Well done for being brave and super talented to everyone involved. What a great way to end the term. Read more

  • Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Dinner
    20th December 2018

    We all had a fantastic Christmas dinner. Amazing food, music, Christmas crackers and great company. Read more

  • Fantastic Creativity

    Fantastic Creativity
    19th December 2018

    The Dashwood Art Gallery was a huge success; celebrating the fantastic creativity of all of our pupils from Nursery to Year 6. From printing to sewing, digital art to portrait drawing, the range of media was amazing. This term each pupil has completed at least three different forms of artwork through the study of an artist's work. This term's focus has allowed creativity to thrive and given all of the children an opportunity to share their artistic talents. It was wonderful to share all the fantastic work with parents and carers at our first Dashwood Art Gallery! Read more