WOW! Drama sessions

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed superb drama sessions lead by teachers from Stage Coach, Banbury, linked to World Environment Day. The sessions started with an abundance of plastic bags which lead to some very thoughtful ideas from the pupils about the thoughts that plastic evokes. Inspired by the author Michael Rosen’s writing, the children then went on to explore the bags and the sounds that they could create with them. In groups the children then worked on a performance piece linked to environment and the use of plastics. The performances varied greatly, some chose to use sounds only, some chose to include words to add poignancy and expression.

 The pupils reflected on their experience after the sessions:

I learned that it is important not to litter - Billy

I like how we could all make different sounds with plastic bags - Brooke

I enjoyed the teamwork - Milena

 I learned about the problems leaving plastic on the ground can cause - Louisa

I enjoyed how effective the sounds that we created were - Lewis

Watching all the performances was really great – they were really creative - Raul

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