Life Experiences

Year 6 experience real-life scenarios and learn how to keep themselves safe
Junior Citizens, Oxford – 1st April 2019

Pupils from Chestnut and Oak caught the train from Banbury to Oxford to visit the Rewley Road Fire Station in Oxford for the Junior Citizens programme. The children experienced seven different scenarios; each of which they could potentially face in their everyday lives.

  • Water safety
  • Stranger danger
  •  Fire safety
  • Potential hazards and risk in the home
  • Road safety
  • Internet safety
  • Railway station safety

Quotes from our pupils about their experiences at Junior Citizens:

Sandra: I learned about different objects that could be useful if someone is drowning. You could throw the person a ball and they can rest it under their chin to keep their mouth above water.

Miss Gooch: Junior Citizens is such a great experience because it is really realistic. It helps our pupils to work through potentially dangerous scenarios that they could come across in real-life.

Teagan: We all had to make a 999 call and I now know which service I can ask for help from – Fire and Rescue, Police, Ambulance or Lifeguard

Isla: I have learned to never go anywhere with a stranger no matter how friendly they seem.

Ellie: I learned a lot about being safe near railway lines which is very useful as our school and homes are near one. I learned to be safe near railway lines, stand as far back from the yellow line on the platform as possible and to never play silly games or dares there.

Aminah: I know that I should always trust my instinct if I feel that a situation is unsafe. I will never go into a dark alleyway as I do not know who may be there.

Calob: The big lesson I learned about fire safety was:

Get Out, Stay Out, Call 999


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