Marvellous Mentors

This week saw the first of our Year 6 mentoring sessions for this academic year. Year 6 pupils have had training to help them understand what a good mentor is, how they can support their younger peers and what characteristics they need in order to be effective and build supportive relationships.

Over 40 pupils from Reception – Year 5 have been assigned a Year 6 mentor. Each Friday the mentor and mentee meet for a 30 minute session. They will be working through mentoring activities and fun games where they will learn about one another, support one another by talking and listening and hopefully, become good friends. What is wonderful to see is how they support one another outside of the sessions at lunch and break times and out and about around school.

Aims of mentoring:

To ensure our Year 6 pupils have leadership opportunities to develop their own self-worth, confidence, empathy and communication skills. Being a role model to younger peers.

To develop a sense of belonging and self worth; having a friend and being part of a team. Taking part in activities together and finding out about each other – learning new things and finding out what makes us similar and different.

To develop communication skills – taking turns to speak and to listen to one another.

To know there is a friend and support and turn to for help in learning and at break times.


Raul: 'My mentee and I have become good friends this week; we can catch up at break and lunch times too'

Libby: ' I really enjoyed the mentoring session because you get a connection with a younger person. It’s good practice for the future especially if you maybe want a career in teaching or working with young people'

Jeremy: ‘I enjoyed it because it is something completely different in my day!’

Milena: ‘I feel happy because I will develop a friendship with a child who is not in my class.’

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