Oxford Museum and Gardens

Botanic Gardens

In the last week of term 3, Ash Class went on a very enjoyable trip to Oxford. To make the most of the day, we visited the Natural History Museum and the Botanic Gardens.

Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum, the children were wowed by the diverse and impressive collection of ancient dinosaur remains, fossils, skeletons of various animals (we didn’t realise how gigantic an African elephant was) as well the huge collection of displayed animals from tiny insects to a huge bear. The children were truly engaged!

Natural History Museum

Botanic Gardens2

The Botanic Garden visit was a fabulous way to end out topic on growing plants. After meeting our informative tour guide, we visited the glasshouses to learn about how plants adapt and survive in their extreme environments. We found out about rainforest plants, plants which grow in the desert and those which thrive in swamp conditions. The bravery recognition goes to Finn and Katy who volunteered to put their finger in the Venus Flytrap. Thankfully, they still have all their ten fingers!