Books for Breakfast pupils visit Parliament

With an early start on Thursday 2nd February 2017, Year 6 Books for Breakfast pupils travelled by train and the London Underground to Westminster to visit Parliament.

Suffragetes display
Learning about the suffragette movement – The Right for Women to Vote

On entering the Parliament Education Centre, pupils were invited to watch a film about the Women’s Right to Vote. Projected on to four walls, the key historical story of the suffragette movement was told through the eyes of three woman who were all fighting for women’s right to vote: Christabel Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst and Annie Kenney. The film was very powerful and engaging due to the artistic way it was delivered. Our pupils were buzzing as they left the film screening and were taken to see the actual iron-grate that the suffragettes chained themselves to in protest at the House of Commons. A part of history right before their eyes.

PlaqueWe then visited the Palace of Westminster with our tour guide Phil Johnson. We learned that Henry VIII used the great hall as a banqueting hall and as a court. Another key historical event was that King Charles I was trialled in the great hall accused of committing treason for his part in the Civil War. Mujtaba reflected that King Charles was a ‘facist because he wanted everything to be on his terms and did not listen or want to hear other people’s opinion’. Jemma felt that he was a ‘selfish’ monarch. He was later executed (beheaded) at Whitehall Banqueting Place – just around the corner from Parliament.

The children learned about the three parts of parliament: the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarchy – (Queen Elizabeth II at present).

From their British Values learning in class and focus on the Rule of Law, children reflected that a law is made in Parliament and that laws tell us what we must and must not do and that they are necessary to keep us safe. Parliament make and change laws and the children learned that all three parts are needed to do this.

Big Ben

Steps of Parliament
The Great Hall at Westminter where Charles I was trialled for treason before a court.

Westminister sign

Millenium Wheel