Year 5 Forest School

Y5 Forest School Jan 17

17th January 2017
The focus of our session this week was working together and the children decided to make ‘Tree People’ from natural resources. Using mud, twig, stones and other materials, they created an array of sculptures.

Y5 Forest School model Jan 17Here are some of the pupils’ reflections:

‘I am going to make a lizard and use sticks as claws. I love this because I can make things and get muddy!’ Liam

‘Aiden and I are making a space monkey because we are learning about space and a monkey called Pogo went to space!’ Konrad

‘I am making a sheep because I am 'Shinade the sheep' when I'm at Forest School!’ Shinade

‘Chloe and I making best friend mud people because we are great friends,’ Alyssa

A group of children used material in the wildlife area to build a bridge structure that would take their weight. They built it up using logs and a sheet of roofing, then tested it! Afterwards they used it as a hurdle to jump across.

‘It was a struggle at first but we managed it!’ Shinade.

‘It was a crazy idea but it worked because we stuck with it. I loved today, getting away from technology’ Chloe

Y5 Forest School Jan 17

Y5 Forest School building Jan 17
Working together – forming bonds

Y5 Forest School building Jan 17
Proud of their creation

Y5 Forest School fun Jan 17
Fun moments with friends