Year 6 Junior Leaders

Year 6 Junior Leaders train their Year 2 peers to lead lunchtime activity – January 2017

Year 6 Junior Leaders Mia, Jayden and Callum led training for Year 2 pupils Krissa, Lauren, Bailey and Katy showing their younger peers how to be confident when leading Key Stage 1 lunchtime activities.

The year 6 pupils modelled games such as ‘Captain’s Ship’, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Hot Potato’ showing them how to use the equipment available to the leaders and the resource cards that the leaders have made to support active lunchtimes.

All of our Junior Leaders are looking forward to working together, leading physical activity for their peers.

Junior Leaders

Mia, Jayden Callum (Year 6) with Lauren, Krissa, Bailey and Katy (Year 2)

Leading the games

Leading new games – Hot Potato!