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Inter-Family Level 1 Competition

Competition for All
Inter–Family Level 1 Competition

Term 1 (October 2016) at Dashwood Banbury Academy saw a Sports Week filled with Level 1 competition. As a culmination of the term’s learning in PE, each year group competed in their Aspiration Families to apply the skills they had practised throughout the term. Each pupil not only contributed to the points scoring system for their Family but they also had the opportunity to earn points, certificates and stickers for the School Games Values they showed linked to our Aspirations Condition for Learning. Aspiration points were earned for individual effort around our Condition for Learning: Belonging and the School Games Values of Teamwork, Respect and Determination.


Level 1 Competition across our school
Reception pupils – Focus: Series of different co-ordination challenges
Year 1 – Benchball
Year 2 – Focus: Throwing and Catching
Year 3 – Football Competition – dribbling, passing, teamwork
Year 4 – Foot ball Competition
Year 5 – Tag Rugby Competition
Year 6 – Hockey Competition and Tag Rugby Competition

Level 1 Sporting Competition Results – Term 1 2016
Aspiration Condition for Learning: Belonging

Results Table

Throwing and catching skills