Term 3

We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 3, in and out of the classroom, and for the newsletter, homework and useful information for Rowan class.

  KS2 Homework Projects
Key Stage 2 Homework Projects
Well done - some fantastic
homework projects!
 We have used the apparatus to
practice our balancing skills
and jumps.
Inspire Maths
Inspire Maths
Rowan class had fun using
inspire maths to get better at
our understanding of number.
Electricity lesson
 We have been creating circuits
and working out how to make a
light bulb light.
Roman games
History - Romans
We are looking at life in 
Roman times this term.
Designing shields
History - Romans
We designed a shield to perform
a Roman invasion. 
Playground invasion
History - Romans
We invaded the playground
pretending to be Roman soldiers.
 We have been practising balances
and working on a sequence of balances. 
Library Bus
Library Bus
Year 4 enjoy one guided reading
session per week on the Library Bus
The 4 maths operations
Term 3 Maths
We reminded ourselves of the
4 different operations used in Maths.
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