Year 5 and 6 pupils really shine!

Chance To Shine 2016

Chance to shine

Throughout Terms 4 and 5, Key Stage 2 pupils have been very fortunate to receive professional coaching in cricket skills from the Oxfordshire Cricket Board Chance To Shine program.

They have been improving their bowling skills, batting technique and fielding throw; putting these to good use in Kwik Cricket game play. Year 5 and 6 children will compete in the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership Kwik Cricket Festival at the end of May and put their newly practised skills to the test. Pupils have also learned the importance of fair and honest team-play. The game of cricket develops their sense of working as a team, consideration of one another and the importance of winning and losing graciously.

The After-School Club also remains a huge success. Our pupils have really enjoyed the opportunity to refine their skills and learn new ones.

Chance to shine