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Homework Projects

This term we have been learning about staying safe particularly around water.

Y3 Ash Follow the rules booklet

In Literacy, we wrote a warning story to alert the reader about what could happen if you do not keep yourself safe around water!
We have been practising our persuasive skills, persuading others to keep themselves safe around water.

As well as a big focus on water safety, we have been learning about rivers and canals in Geography. This included physical features, uses and facts about famous rivers.

Y3 SB waterways project board-sm

For our homework projects we have created safety booklets, posters and models. Some of us have written about the Banbury Canal and how a canal differs from a river.

Y3 Ash waterways writng-Billy-sm

Y3 Ash waterways model x2-sm We are very proud of our work.  You can see more of our Homework Projects here.

Y3 Ash waterways framed painting-sm