Term 5

We will be publishing what we are learning during each term throughout the year. Watch this space to see what is happening in Term 5, in and out of the classroom, and for the newsletter, homework and useful information for Hazel class.

Building the house
Design and Build
Pupils were set the task
of designing and building a house
for a character from the 
Three Little Pigs story. 
Horley Woods picnic
Year 1 walk in Horley Woods
A lovely guided walk through the
woods learning about different
types of trees and flowers.
Forest School muddy fun
Forest School in Term 5
Year 1 loved spending time
at Forest School with
the Nursery children.
Multi Skills Festival
Multi Skills Festival
Year 1 children had a wonderful
time practising their skills at
Banbury Academy.
Fire Service
Learning about the Fire Service
The Fire Service visited Year 1 pupils. 
They enjoyed learning all about
 the fire engine. 
Decorating cakes
Wow A letter from 
Little Red Riding Hood

Children designed and decorated
cakes for Little Red Riding 
Hood's Grandmother.
Children with their Light Sources work
Exploring Light
Year 1 have really enjoyed
learning about what a light source is.
Children with their shadow puppets
Shadow Puppets
Year 1 enjoyed making shadow
puppets of characters from
Little Red Riding Hood.
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Year 1 Newsletter
Times Table Grid
E-Safety SMART