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About our curriculum

At Dashwood Banbury Academy we believe that the curriculum should reflect pupils’ abilities, interests and needs. The pupils are fully involved in pre-learning tasks and they help set the out key questions for topics. We let them guide us with their interests and at the same time, we ensure that they are offered a broad and balanced curriculum. Underpinning this is very strong literacy and numeracy learning to support success in other subjects. No pupil is allowed to fall behind.

Each term, the whole school focuses on a specific topic and life-long skill. The classes then complete activities within this topic reflecting their next steps in learning. This individualised approach enables all pupils to feel engaged and excited about their learning and encourages them to strive to be the best.

Every child has a dream and it is our responsibility to aid them in achieving these dreams. For some pupils, this requires extra support in their learning – offered on a regular basis. As part of their learning journey, children are expected to complete homework related to their classroom experiences. This is in the form of literacy and numeracy work but also includes an extended study each term related to the topic at the time. Pupils love having the responsibility that this entails and it is a great way for parents/carers to get more involved in their learning too.

We have opportunities for our more able pupils to take part in workshops with other pupils from local primaries run by teachers from Banbury Academy, and for some lessons to be taught at Banbury Academy by specialist teachers in purpose built rooms such as science labs, gyms and design technology workshops.