‘Tinkering Tuesday’

Tinkering Tuesday’ at Forest School – 19th January 2016

Girl in treeThis week at Forest School we visited Horley to continue our community project of bringing life back to the Old School House garden.

We had a brilliant time ‘tinkering’ dismantling unused children’s play equipment to clear the garden space. The children were so excited to use a range of different tools including ratchets, spanners, screwdrivers and wrenches. There was a lot of fascination around how items are built and what they are made of.

Harriet described her afternoon, ‘Tinkering is fun because you learn how things go together and how things are made’.

Amelia followed on to say, ‘I like using tools. I feel proud that I can use them properly’.

Jayden described tinkering as ‘great fun because you get to recycle old stuff and see what you can make afterwards’.

It was an afternoon of ‘firsts’….Amelia used tools for the first time to successfully dismantle a swing set and Milan climbed a tree for the first time. He reflected, ‘That is the first time I have climbed a tree. It was fun…I want to do it again!’

The sun was shining on this chilly January morning and a memorable afternoon was had by all.

Tinkering Tuesday photos