Year 3 Silver Birch

Silver Birch class 2017-18

Welcome to Silver Birch class. We have enjoyed the start of term where we have got to know our new teacher, our new classroom and have welcomed the new people who have joined the school recently.

Silver Birch is a friendly group of children who are enjoying the challenges and opportunities they are given at Dashwood Banbury Academy. They continue to enjoy their weekly recorder session and love the practical nature of lots of their learning. For example, learning about plants by growing their own, drawing plants they have collected themselves and finding out about nature through visits to Horley. In the classroom, the children face challenges everyday which really makes them think carefully about their learning and the relevance it has to their everyday lives.

We are really looking forward to the coming school terms where we can further develop the school’s aspirations ethos within the classroom, through the eight Conditions for Learning!