Maths at Dashwood Banbury Academy

We teach all our number skills through Big Maths.  Big Maths (or Little Big Maths for Early Years) is a fun, engaging and practical way to help pupils learn key number facts and create links in their learning.  We aim for pupils to understand what they are doing and see a purpose in their learning in order to make maths make sense.

Pupils learn by completing a CLIC session daily which stands for:

Big Maths

Pupils complete weekly ‘Big Maths Beat That’ tests to help develop their ‘Learn It’ knowledge and CLIC tests which are related to work they complete in school.  When they are getting every question right for three weeks in a row, they move to the next stage.  The focus is on improving their results weekly rather than who has the highest score.  This helps create an atmosphere where making mistakes is ok and a great way to learn more. 

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