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Freestyle Martial Arts Taster

Martial Arts47th October 2015 - Freestyle Martial Arts Taster Sessions

Pupils in Years 1 – 6 have enjoyed an exciting taste of martial arts with ‘1st Dan’ Elliot Manning from Freestyle Martial Arts.

Each class experienced a fun session of martial arts moves. This is a fantastic discipline to improve health and fitness, increase confidence and self-esteem whilst learning respect and self-defence all in a safe, controlled environment with expert coaching.

At Dashwood Banbury Academy we are pleased to offer our pupils these opportunities to experience a new activity and hope that they will pursue the interest further, extending their interests outside of school. Freestyle Martial Arts run local classes at Banbury College, Broughton Road, Banbury. Your child will have received a flyer today with special taster session offers exclusive to Dashwood Banbury Academy but if you require further information, please contact Miss Gooch.

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