Book for Breakfast group Sept 17

We are the Penpals!

We are the Penpals!

With some experienced members in our writing group (formally of the 2016/2017 ‘Penpals’) and some new members, we enjoy many different forms of writing, such as poetry, stories, discussions, to include but a few.

In our class Literacy sessions, we are always challenging ourselves beyond expectation either through the challenges we are given or by pushing ourselves trying something new and being creative.

To start this new academic year, we have been studying different forms of poetry looking closely at poetic form and layout including the literary devices that poets use to create powerful images for their readers. We have been creating our own metaphor poetry using the thought-provoking themes around refugees and immigration. We are members of the Books for Breakfast club and are currently reading ‘Christophe’s Story’. See what we get up to here. In our sessions we have delved deep into the themes of immigration and wrote our own discussion texts based on our independent research of statistics from sources such as The Red Cross.

In Term 3, we are going to write stories; learning how to manipulate grammatical structures to add interest to our writing.