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Ethos and Values

Dashwood Banbury Academy is an aspirational and welcoming place to learn.

Within our school ethos we aim to encourage each child as an individual and provide every opportunity for them to further their development through enrichment opportunities and excellent quality of teaching and learning. Throughout our school the ethos is clear; we have strong values that set high expectations for all our children and adults in school. Every child is unique and we work hard to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly. It is of utmost importance to us that all children and staff that work at Dashwood Banbury Academy feel safe and secure. As such we provide an inclusive setting which supports the parents and families of our children and community.

Our aim is to equip our children for the next stage in their lives by promoting key characteristics that they must have to adequately prepare them for their future. The key characteristics we felt were important for a young person to have and promote in Modern Britain are:

 to show consideration to others, to be respectful to peers; to have a sense of pride in themselves and their learning; to be motivated and engaged in learning; to be imaginative; to be brave enough to take risks; to be trustworthy and take responsibility; to show resilience and not give up.

These key characteristics link with one of our Aspiration Conditions which, in turn, underpin our curriculum. The ‘8 Conditions that make a Difference’ poster explains the focus of each condition. Should you require any further information then please take a look at our curriculum statement.