Beech class at Greatworth Farm

Beech class had an amazing visit to Greatworth Farm on a blustery day in October. After a safety briefing we met the farm's new pigs, that were being kept in the barn out of the cold. The barn also housed the grain/feed store, so we calculated how much feed we would need to load to feed all the sheep on the farm using our estimating and rounding skills. As well as getting to sit in one of the tractors!

In the barn

Another job that needed doing on the farm was the replacement of a fence. So, again we estimated how much fencing we would need using the ‘farmers' stride’ and then checked it with a trundle wheel. With fencing costing £4 a meter we were able to calculate the cost and round it to the nearest meter. 

Measuring and preparing food

After this we headed into the kitchen where we discovered where some of our food comes from and made some carrot and coriander and beetroot and tomato soup. It was delicious!

Making soup

Canal walk

We rounded off the day with a hike along the disused Banbury–Northampton railway line which closed in 1951. We explored the cutting and thought about how you could use it for a setting in our writing.

Luckily, we made it back to school, exhausted, before the rain came!