Books for Breakfast: Term 3 2019

This term in 'Books For Breakfast' we are writing formal speeches linked to World War II. We have analysed some landmark speeches from inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill and the World War II Army General - Dwight Eisenhower. This analysis has enabled the pupils to begin to appreciate the different styles that leaders use to engage their audiences and what it is that they do to help their speech resonate with the people.  We are learning that the most powerful speeches are the one that repeat the message that they are trying to convey, use memorable vocabulary and talk to the people to show that they are supported and valued. Formal language is also key when public speaking so we have had to formalise our language choice with particular focus on the formal phrasing of sentences.

Next we will be recording our speeches using the formal language that we have been rehearsing and will be focusing on our formal tone.