Out of School Activities


There are lots of activities and events going on in our community and nearby that you may be interested in taking part. We will publish on this page a list of after school, weekend and holiday activities run by external providers. 

Footsteps have produced a guide for parents explaining how to help your child learn how to cope as a pedestrian. Traffic is one of the greatest threats to their lives. Download their guide here: Footsteps Parents Guide

Be Active More Often
The FAST card is now up and running which you can use to get a much-discounted session swimming etc. Find out more information here: https://www.cherwell.gov.uk/be-active-more-often

04778 HUBS Summer19-Basic Poster CDC
Download the full programme of activities here.

Childrens Work poster


Play opportunities poster May 2019

Junior Saturday Art Club poster

Talking Point
A great website to support pupils and parents with speech and language.


What is a “Language Café”? 

The idea is that anyone can just turn up, and meet other people to chat, share their interests and ideas, and learn from each other. Some are people who want to refresh a second language, such as French or Italian, others want to practise their English, while some people want to learn a brand new language for a specific reason. We have had people who just want to come along to help others talk and improve their English – and make friends and learn something new about different cultures along the way! This all happens in a relaxed, informal and safe space.

Language Cafes