Competition for All

Competition for All event3

Inter–Family Level 1 Competition
On a very fresh morning, 22nd February 2018, Year 4 and 5 competed in an Inter-Family Athletic competition.  As a culmination of the previous term’s learning in PE, each year group competed in their Aspiration Families to apply the skills they had practised throughout the term. Each pupil not only contributed to the points scoring system for their Family but they also had the opportunity to earn points and School Games wrist bands for showing key character skills earned for individual effort around our Condition for Learning: Belonging and the School Games Values of Teamwork, Respect and Determination.

The disciplines that the pupils competed in were:

  • Long Jump
  • Speed Bounce
  • Target Throw
  • Vortex Throw
  • Chest Push
  • Sprint races

Aspirations Awards and points were awarded to:
Rosie, Taqwa, James and Thomas (Year 4) for their determination and teamwork approach – cheering their fellow Aspiration Family members on.

Aspiration Conditions Table

Laurie (Year 4) for his respect of other competitors.

Jan (Year 5) for great skill especially in long jump.

Calob, Roxanne and Malaeka (Year 5) for determination, perseverance and enjoyment of all the activities.

Competition for All event

Competition for All event

Competition for All event

Competition for All event