Gifted & Talented

At Dashwood Banbury Academy we are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of our Gifted and Talented children. All Children are monitored regularly, and appropriate levels of challenge planned to maximise learning. We actively seek early identification of children who have particular strengths and talents.

In all lesson plans, the needs of Gifted and Talented children are accommodated. Appropriate teaching activities are set which both encourage higher order thinking skills and ensure that children experience both depth and breadth in their particular area of strength. Children in KS2 are placed in sets for daily maths lessons, with targeted activities which challenge and extend learning.

In KS1 maths, where teaching staff deem it appropriate, identified children may be taught in a higher year group to provide levels of challenge and peer to peer learning opportunities.

Dashwood Banbury Academy continues to enjoy the benefits of strong links forged with Banbury Academy secondary phase education. Gifted and Talented children enjoy visiting the Academy for on-going or ‘one off’ sessions with specialist teachers in a range of subjects. Local partnership schools also provide sessions which allow our Gifted and Talented children to extend their knowledge and skills, for example learning to from local authors about writing strategies.

Dashwood Banbury Academy are delighted that a specialist sports teacher has been appointed who will teach all children in the school a range of sports, allowing our children opportunities to excel in local sports events and festivals.

At the end of last year, our Gifted and Talented children took part in an exciting ‘Science day’, organised by the Science and Gifted and Talented coordinators, which was very successful. Children thoroughly enjoyed the additional challenges, which provided them with opportunities for deeper scientific knowledge and understanding. The success of this has encouraged us to look forward to seeking opportunities to plan for more of these days, extending into other subjects.

Jodie Shaw (Gifted and Talented coordinator)